Conserving private land is one of the most effective ways of protecting natural landscapes, native plants and animals for future generations. In Tasmania, privately protected land covers a smaller area, but contains a higher percentage of threatened communities than public reserves.

New Conservation Covenants

The Protected Areas on Private Land (PAPL) scheme began in 1999 and is now a joint initiative between the Australian and Tasmanian governments and the Tasmanian Land Conservancy.

PAPL facilitates the creation of voluntary private protected areas between the Tasmanian government and private landowners who have important natural values on their land contributing to Australia’s network of protected areas National Reserve System, conserving natural landscapes, native plants and animals for future generations.

Participation in PAPL is wholly voluntary and gives landowners security that their property’s special natural values are protected in perpetuity. Advice to manage the plants, animals and ecosystems is provided.

As of January 2015 more than 260 conservation agreements under the Nature Conservation Act 2002 have been registered with landowners through the PAPL program, a combined area covering over 22,000 hectares.

To find out more, contact our PAPL Officers on 6225 1399 (Hobart) or 6331 9295 (Launceston).

Existing Conservation Covenants

In June 2014 the TLC and Tasmanian government strengthen the PAPL partnership by broaden the TLC involvement in delivering stewardship services and ecological monitoring across all registered conservation covenants in Tasmanian. While PAPL had a hand in 260 conservation covenants, there are over 760 conservation covenants, protecting some 96,000 hectares which have been facilitated through a number of past state and federal government initiatives (e.g. Private Forest Reserves Program, Forest Conservation Fund and Non-forest Vegetation Project). This represents over 500 individual landholders across Tasmania.

The TLC works side by side Tasmanian government staff in providing stewardship support to conservation covenant landholders through technical information, management advice and assistance, as well as access to new and emerging technologies and advances in conservation management.

The program works to support the efforts of private landholders around Tasmania to ensure that their commitment and dedication to the conservation of their property is acknowledged and sustained into the future.

To find out more, contact our PAPL Officers on 6225 1399 (Hobart) or 6331 9295 (Launceston).