Ever thought of owning a conservation property?

The Tasmanian Land Conservancy funds conservation work by buying properties with natural values, protecting those special areas with a covenant, then selling them to conservation-minded people.

The properties for sale are initially acquired via two main mechanisms: The New Leaf Project (Elsie Cameron Foundation) and the TLC Revolving Fund (from the Australian Federal Government’s Forest Conservation Fund).

These properties have been identified by the TLC’s Science and Planning team as having highly significant natural values and are purchased to enable the TLC to register conservation covenants on the properties which to ensure these natural values are protected now and into the future.

On the properties under covenant, the TLC allocates one or more areas that are excluded from the covenant conditions so that, inside of these generously proportioned zones, purchasers are by no means restricted to their activities. Some may choose to build their dream home or weekender. Some may like to plant vegetables or keep animals, or choose just to camp occasionally…

Either way, this perfect marriage between the principles of conservation and the application of a business model offers prospective purchasers the best of both worlds in their new freehold acquisition, all while supporting the TLC and contributing to the ongoing conservation of Tasmania.

Over the past few months, the TLC has received unprecedented levels of enquiry from prospective purchasers, hailing from nearby, interstate and overseas. All have a passion for conservation and looking for their new piece of paradise. The TLC Revolving Fund has managed to generate just shy of half a million dollars in settled sales, enabling it to continue on a path of sustainability and make further property acquisitions. The New Leaf Project has a large number of properties under contract awaiting settlement, in turn enabling the TLC to return some of the graciously extended funds to the Elsie Cameron foundation.

Whether it be through the Revolving Fund or New Leaf, the TLC’s properties for sale are a large part of the conservation outcomes we strive to achieve, which in turn, offer some of the most spectacular pieces of real estate on the planet.

For more information on TLC properties for sale, please contact Janine Waldron on 0409 429 660 or jwaldron@tasland.org.au

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