Here at the TLC we have a volunteer strategy that provides the opportunity for volunteers to contribute to our conservation activities while gaining sound skills and knowledge in their personal development.

Recently the TLC had the opportunity to mentor a student from the University of Tasmania, Claudia Carpenter, who undertook a volunteer placement of 80 hours with us.

Throughout Claudia’s time at the TLC she examined the threats posed by feral species, the current implemented management plan as well as feasible control of these species. She then analysed the TLC’s reserves and determined what areas were most at risk of these feral animals.

Our TLC staff and mentors focus on the individual’s skills, knowledge and interest, effectively applying this to our conservation work. We provide our volunteers with clear and consistent work roles that are necessary to reaching a desired platform of goals.

Feedback from our volunteers is highly regarded to ensure that volunteer time is enjoyed and their desired skills and training has been provided effectively. We were delighted to hear what Claudia had to say after the completion of her placement, “The TLC staff are incredibly welcoming and supporting, with the upmost kindness and gratitude.”

“The TLC ensures that the volunteer gets as much out of their time with them as the TLC gets from the volunteer’s time,” Claudia says. We have four distinct organisation areas: fundraising, business, science and planning and reserves and programs. All these areas provide a culture that is both fun and beneficial to the placement holder.

We take volunteers formally organised through an organisation as well as informally to those who have a passion for protecting wildlife, their habitat and rare ecosystems on private land.

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Written by Alysha Simmons, 3rd Year Bachelor of Social Science at the University of Tasmania.

Alysha is a student who is undertaking her 10 day placement here at the TLC.