Photographer Heath Holden has been capturing amazing images of the flora and fauna on TLC reserves since 2014. His photos have featured in our newsletters, social media, on our website and in annual reports. Through Heath's lens we enjoy glimpses of nature that we would otherwise miss.

Heath has been using his expertise in remote camera operations to get glimpses of some of the threatened gems and delightfully shy animals at Daisy Dell. The photos below are of carnivorous marsupials, wombats and the odd day-time echidna that are found at Daisy Dell, which we are so close to protecting in a TLC reserve. Not all of the animals that Heath’s cameras have detected are welcome visitors,such as the occasional feral cat, which makes management of the reserves even more important.

Wombat at Daisy Dell. Photo: Heath Holden
Tasmanian devil captured at Daisy Dell. Photo: Heath Holden
Spotted-tailed quoll. Photo Heath Holden
Echidna at Daisy Dell. Photo: Heath Holden