Loo with a View Update

The TLC's Skullbone Plains Reserve will soon host Tasmania’s most lavish lavatory.

The Loo with a View campaign wrapped up in November 2016 after an impressive crowdfunding effort raised the $22,000 needed for people to enjoy the benefits of nature without leaving anything behind.

Now in its third week of construction, the Skullbone throne is being built by TLC Reserve Manager Tim Devereux with a handful of skilled volunteers.

“It has been an interesting challenge to blend the architecturally designed building with engineering and environmental practicalities,” Mr Devereux said.

The loo’s large window will allow people to gaze over the reserve’s sprawling plains and majestic cider gums that guard intricate marshes and wetlands housing delicate cushion plants and moss beds.

The impressive view from this loo will make it one of a kind. Photo: Tim Devereux

Like the land upon which it will stand, the loo will have its own collection of unique features and quirks. Specifically, these features will ensure that human’s impact upon nature is reduced.

“A special feature of this loo will be the amazing aesthetics of Celery Top Pine cladding. In time, it will turn a lovely golden grey and blend into the environment,” Mr Devereux said.

Following the fitting of cladding, internal lining, and fabrication of stairs, a final onsite assessment at Skullbone Plains will be undertaken to ensure there no unnecessary impacts will be imposed upon the environment.

The lower deck, upper decks and framing are now in place. Photo: Denna Kingdom

After its completion, the loo will be trucked to Skullbone Plains Reserve for installation and make its grand reveal in conjunction with the reserve Discovery Weekend, to be held in the first weekend of March 2018.

The TLC hosts Discovery Days on its reserves several times throughout the year. For more information about TLC events and upcoming Discovery Days click here

The TLC sincerely thanks Tas Marine Construction for the loan of the shed to build the loo in; GK Productions for the loan of scaffolding; and volunteers Alan Pegg, Tom Guy and Graham Roberts for lending their expertise and support.