Putting nature’s medicine into practice

Benefits that images of our wild places have upon us are now being prescribed by Dr Mark McCoid, who has supported Tasmania’s unique species and their habitat by purchasing framed photographs of TLC reserves to hang in his practice.

Written Isobelle Monk. Isobelle is a University of Tasmania Media and Communications graduate and Tasmanian Land Conservancy Volunteer.

Local Tasmanian GP, Dr Mark McCoid, is a remarkable long-time supporter of and advocate for The Tasmanian Land Conservancy (TLC). Along with wife Clarissa, a fundraiser for the TLC, the couple are an invaluable and passionate force for long-term nature conservation.

In keeping with their tradition of conservation support, Mark recently approached the TLC about purchasing some framed photographs of TLC reserves to hang in his practice.

‘I wanted something nice to look at in my workplace,’ says Mark of his purchase. ‘I knew the TLC had a huge bank of amazing photos. I thought I would try to get framed landscape images from them – at my expense.’

Mark now has some stunning framed photos taken in the TLC’s permanent reserves at Gordonvale and Recherche Bay hanging in his consultation rooms.

Mark is motivated by a life-long interest in nature conservation and was already heavily involved in bush regeneration by the time he was a teenager, saying his family could be regarded as ‘intense’ bushwalkers.

‘We always find something amazing – fungi, rocks, a view, a big tree, a new plant, an old plant, a mountain as well as leeches and wriggly sticks,’ says Mark of his family bushwalking adventures. ‘These things should be protected on a grand scale, not just piecemeal.’

The TLC works towards protecting some of Tasmania’s most rare and endangered ecosystems but our work is only possible with the generous contributions made by supporters like the McCoids.

Dr Mark McCoid bringing TLC into practice. Photo: Matthew Newton

Mark says that he has many reasons to support the TLC’s vision for conservation.

‘The TLC targets properties that are underrepresented in current reserves. They fund their reserves in perpetuity by establishing a trust alongside each purchase- securing the property’s management – no matter what.’

‘The TLC is a pragmatic organisation achieving great things. It’s fairly easy to support a winning team,’ says Mark.

When we view images of beautiful and natural landscapes it can have a very soothing effect on the human psyche. We love to be surrounded by the colour and vision of untamed shores, jagged mountains and lush green trees, which are abundant within the TLC’s reserves.

Initiatives like Mark’s can really open up a new perspective on these remarkable places for the many people who come and go from his consultation rooms each week.

‘I hoped the photos could be a conversation-starter for those interested in knowing about the TLC,’ says Mark.

It certainly seems like the nature photographs have been a hit with his patients who have had an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the prints. ‘People discuss them with me every day and everyone likes them.’

We would love to share more images from our reserves with the public and get people talking about conservation in their daily lives. If you work in a surgery, reception, office or other work environment that you think would benefit from the addition of some TLC prints; we would love to hear from you.

As Mark says, we really do have a huge bank of fantastic photographs capturing the essence and beauty of all of our permanent reserves. The photos look amazing framed and give you the opportunity to feature a landscape that you feel passionate about and want to help protect.

At the TLC we love to have people involved in all aspects of our work and purchasing prints from us is a great way to get involved, give something back to nature, plus, make the most of your office wall space.

Bring a little bit of nature’s calming influence into your work space and help support a brighter more conservation minded future for animals, people and the planet.