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Welcome back, WildTracker!

We are thrilled to announce that the redeveloped WildTracker website has been released into the wild at last and is ready to accept new participants.

WildTracker is a citizen science web platform designed for private landholders to upload photos collected using wildlife camera-traps, tag those photos with the species that are present and share their favourite snapshots with friends, family and neighbours. The data collected will be used by scientists at the TLC to better understand how our local wildlife communities are faring and where particular species – both native and exotic – can be found.

The WildTracker program is a great way to learn about the animals living in your backyard, their needs and how you can help support them.

As part of the WildTracker program, we are currently equipped to lend cameras to Land for Wildlife and Gardens for Wildlife members who would like to participate but don’t have a camera-trap of their own. Otherwise, if you are one of the many Tasmanians who already own a camera, why not visit and put your monitoring efforts to good scientific use!

We are especially interested in recruiting participants with properties located near to TLC reserves and others who have grand plans to improve habitat for wildlife on their property.

Author Profile
Glen Bain
Conservation Ecologist

Glen joined the TLC after a stint as a lab manager and health and safety guy at the University of Tasmania, where he also completed his PhD on woodland birds of the Tasmanian Midlands in 2019. Glen is interested in birds (of course), restoration ecology and citizen science. He will spend most of his time behind a computer screen further developing the WildTracker platform but very much looks forward to meeting TLC supporters on field days and at workshops with the occasional foray into our reserves.