By fostering a culture of inquiry, science, research and curiosity – as well as working in collaboration with state, national and international institutions – we strive to create ambitious solutions to conservation challenges.

The TLC employs innovative methods to protect Tasmania’s special species and ecosystems. We purchase, protect (through the establishment of a conservation covenant) and re-sell land to new owners keen to support conservation. In this way capital is freed up to reinvest into the next property we purchase so every precious dollar is used over and over again.

By choosing to purchase property through the TLC, you make an exciting positive contribution towards conserving Tasmania’s unique biodiversity.

“Of the hundreds of properties the estate agents bombarded us with it was hard to judge teir natural values. The TLC’s advice was invaluable. It was very important to us that the protected land was of a size to prosper and provide viable habitat for plants and animals. We live on the land and we see ourselves as caretakers,” - Janice & Rolf, Revolving Fund property purchasers.

Explore the range of important bushland properties the TLC has for sale here.

Leaving a gift to the TLC in your will is one of the most powerful ways to help protect Tasmania’s beautiful natural places, forever. Find out how you can give a lasting gift to nature by making a bequest.