The TLC provides individuals and communities with meaningful opportunities to experience nature and achieve nature conservation.

We welcome all people to explore their connection to nature by volunteering, attending our events and visiting our reserves.

Our community of committed volunteers is vital to the success of our conservation work. Volunteers contribute valuable effort, skills and expertise across all areas of the organisation including science projects, ecological monitoring, reserve management activities, governance, event support, mail outs, photography and much more.

Make a tangible difference to nature conservation today and register to become a TLC volunteer.

“Being involved with an organisation that embodies my passion for preserving the natural values of Tasmania has landed me in remote wilderness areas, recording data on endangered species, and has surrounded me by inspirational, dedicated people,” Lisa McKay, TLC volunteer.

Leaving a gift to the TLC in your will is one of the most powerful ways to help protect Tasmania’s beautiful natural places, forever. Find out how you can give a lasting gift to nature by making a bequest.

Banner Image: Volunteers at the Vale of Belvoir. Photo: Phill Roach