The TLC fosters new research and partnerships to better understand natural values and how ecosystems function.

The TLC’s reserves are home to an exciting range of unique plants, animals and ecosystems that attract scientific interest from around the world. By fostering new research and partnering with others, we aim to better understand these natural values and how they function.

For example, TLC’s research collaborations with BushBlitz have greatly expanded our knowledge of the lesser known cryptic species on our reserves and discovered many species completely new to science. The extraction of sediment cores from well below the surface of The Big Punchbowl Reserve and Skullbone Plains Reserve are helping to explain their long history of fire over the last glacial period to the present time. The TLC’s carnivore monitoring program on the Five Rivers Reserve is tracking population trends of Tasmanian devils, eastern and spotted-tailed quolls and feral cats and building a picture of the close ecological association between these four mammalian predators. Whether using sophisticated cutting-edge technologies or tried-and-tested techniques we aim to learn more, apply this information and ultimately better manage these irreplaceable places into the future.

Some of our current projects are showcased below or have already generated reports and publications. New ideas are constantly emerging which might capture your imagination.

We maintain a list of research projects and welcome discussion from this students or others interested in working with us.

Feature Projects

Carnivore Monitoring on the Five Rivers Reserve

Grazing at the Vale of Belvoir

Skullbone Plains Sphagnum Peat Core