The Tasmanian Land Conservancy celebrates citizen scientists and the wealth of knowledge that can be generated by engaging with our community.

Citizen science is the collaboration between professional scientists and volunteers who work together on a research project. The TLC’s citizen science program encourages everyone to help collect and analyse data on diverse projects that share a conservation focus. This approach expands the scope of our conservation work and allows us to more easily communicate our findings directly to the community.

Volunteers in our citizen science program get a chance to learn about the natural world from an expert in the field. They develop skills and experience in scientific methods of inquiry, and become directly involved in generating and using scientific knowledge to tackle problems of community concern.

TLC engages in citizen science at several levels. Every year people volunteer their time to help us with ecological monitoring. This allows us to collect data from more sites, more often, and greatly improves the power of our monitoring program. For example, volunteers help us to set and collect sensor cameras and analyse thousands of images captured of wildlife; it’s serious fun!

TLC also provides an opportunity for students and professional researchers to undertake applied ecological research on our reserves in partnership with volunteers. Our reserves are amazing natural laboratories that lend themselves to interesting and useful research topics, such as fire ecology, threatened species biology, feral animal management and climate change adaptation.

View our list of research areas, or get involved in a TLC citizen science project by visiting our volunteering page to register your interest.

Banner photograph: Setting ecological monitoring cameras on the Five Rivers Reserve during BushBlitz 2014 Photo: Matthew Newton