A primary goal of the TLC is to help lead a landscape scale approach to conservation, including a world class system of reserves and off-reserve conservation management.

Tasmania has almost 50 percent of its land area reserved. This reflects the national and international significance of Tasmania’s natural heritage, but it is important to understand how effective this area is in actually protecting Tasmania’s biodiversity over the long term.

The World Class Reserve System for Tasmania was developed to assess this. The TLC’s Conservation Science and Planning Advisory Council developed scientific criteria for determining what constitutes a world class reserve system, and applied those criteria to Tasmania. We reviewed and updated ecological rule sets to deliver an assessment framework which is transparent, auditable and measurable over time. This process is nearing completion and preliminary results suggest that there are significant gaps in Tasmania’s reserve system. Maps identifying where these gaps occur will soon be produced to guide future investment priorities. The results of this work may be controversial and are likely to challenge where we, as an organisation, concentrate our efforts in the future.

Banner photograph: Gordonvale Reserve. Photo: Matthew Newton