This remote property is located only 61km from Launceston high on the slopes of Ben Nevis, a rocky peak in the northeast highlands. The property lies on a steep northwest-facing slope and has an altitudinal range of 850-1100m above sea level. It offers extensive views of Ben Lomond and the north east highlands, some open level sites suitable for building and an internal track network.

Area: 120.7ha (298ac)

Contact: Janine Waldron
Ph: 03 6331 9295
Mob: 0409 429 660

Conservation Values

Most of the property has been logged, but is regenerating well. The forests are dominated by Gum-topped stringy bark (Eucalyptus delegatensis) and Mountain white gum (E. dalrympleana), with small areas of rainforest and tea-tree scrub. The property provides habitat for several threatened fauna species, including the Wedge-tailed eagle and Tasmanian devil.

Protecting the Conservation Values

To provide permanent protection for the conservation values on the property, the TLC registers a Conservation Covenant against the title of the land prior to sale. Part of the property will be excluded from the covenant to allow for use and development by future owners. Within this area future owners may clear vegetation, construct a home and undertake all the usual activities associated with residential use (subject to Council approval where required). Elsewhere on the property the covenant restricts any activities that may degrade the conservation values of the land, but still allows for essential management activities (such as construction and maintenance of boundary fences) and for appropriate recreational activities (e.g. walking and walking tracks).

A management plan will be developed with the new owners, ensuring that they are able to manage any threats to conservation values in the future. The TLC is also able to offer ongoing advice and assistance to new owners in managing the conservation values of the land.

Infrastructure and Services

The property lies at the end of Schulhofs Rd and legal access via direct frontage to the road. A well-formed gravel road established for logging operations runs through the property from Schulhofs Rd and there are several other internal tracks.

Launceston airport is about 33km to the west of the property and the Launceston CBD is only 61km away. Both the historic village of Evandale and the Ben Lomond ski fields are also nearby. The nearest services are approximately 47km away in the historic township of Evandale or Approximately 49km away in the Launceston suburb of St Leonards.


This property was acquired as part of the New Leaf Project through the generous support of philanthropist Jan Cameron. Proceeds from the sale of this property will be used to repay the outstanding debt to Ms Cameron.