A coastal forest and wetland on the East Coast at St Helens, close to Georges Bay and ocean beaches. The property incorporates about one third of a large freshwater lagoon, the balance of which lies within a public reserve.

Area: 23.78ha (59ac)

Contact: Leigh Walters
Ph: 03 6331 9295
Mob: 0407 891 025

Conservation Values

The property adjoins St Helens Point Conservation Area and the Chimneys Lagoon Conservation Area. Its sympathetic management is critical to the protection of this permanent freshwater lagoon, with 2.4ha of the 7.7ha lagoon occurring within the property boundary. The block is mainly covered in coastal eucalypt forest, with a fringe of paperbarks (Melaleuca ericifolia) around the lagoon. The dominant forest community is coastal black peppermint (Eucalyptus amygdalina) forest with smaller areas of blue gum (E. globulus) and white gum (E. viminalis) forest along creek lines.

The property is a hotspot for threatened species with at least six threatened plants occurring there, including Tasmania’s largest greenhood orchid (Pterostylis grandiflora) which was thought to be locally extinct. Threatened animals that may occur include the endangered swift parrot (Lathamus discolor).

Protecting the Conservation Values

To provide permanent protection for the conservation values on the property, the TLC registers a Conservation Covenant against the title of the land prior to sale. Within the covenant an area of land is set aside for future use and development, subject to Council approval. Elsewhere on the property the covenant restricts any activities that may degrade the conservation values of the land, but still allows for essential management activities and for appropriate recreational activities, including the construction of walking tracks and a bird hide.

The TLC is also able to offer ongoing advice and assistance to the new owners in managing the natural values of the land.

Infrastructure and Services

Legal access to the property is via Shearwater Avenue. Providing easy access to a suitable development site, subject to Council approval.

Connections to mains power, town water and a telephone line are available from Shearwater Avenue.

St Helens has a variety of services including shopping centre, hospital, primary and high school.


This property was purchased under the TLC Revolving Fund. Funding for the purchase was provided by the Australian Government through the Forest Conservation Fund (a programme arising out of the Tasmanian Community Forest Agreement). Proceeds from the sale of this property will be returned to the Revolving Fund.