***Tender closed*** Lying only 6km south of Bicheno on Tasmania’s east coast, this property provides easy access to beaches, National Parks and essential services. With a long frontage onto a pool in the Apsley River and an existing internal track network, offering excellent on-site recreational opportunities, including swimming, bushwalking and fishing.

Area: 95ha (235ac)


Conservation Values

This forested property contains a relatively diverse mosaic of forest communities and associated habitat, including 22ha of endangered black gum (E. ovata) forest, 7ha of vulnerable black peppermint (E. amygdalina) forest on sandstone and an extensive stretch of healthy riparian forest along the banks of the Apsley River. It also contains habitat for a range of threatened plants, including the rare yellow rice flower (Pimelea flava), which is common along the river bank, and several threatened animal species, including the endangered Tasmanian Devil and Swift Parrot.

Protecting the Conservation Values

To provide permanent protection for the conservation values on the property, the TLC registers a Conservation Covenant against the titles of the land prior to sale. Part of the block will be excluded from the covenant to allow for future use and development. Within this area future owners may clear vegetation, construct a home and undertake all the usual activities associated with residential use (subject to Council approval where required). Elsewhere on the property the covenant restricts any activities that may degrade the conservation values of the land, but still allows for essential management activities (such as construction and maintenance of boundary fences) and for appropriate recreational activities (eg walking and walking tracks).

A management plan will be developed with the new owners, ensuring that they are able to manage any threats to conservation values into the future. The TLC is also able to offer ongoing advice and assistance to the new owners in managing the conservation values of the land.

Infrastructure and Services

The property is serviced by the following infrastructure:

  • The block has legal access from the Tasman Hwy via a Right of Way through the neighbouring property, which coincides with an all-weather gravel road.
  • The property has direct frontage to the Apsley River on its’ eastern boundary, including the largest pool in the river.
  • There is a network of internal tracks, some of which provide access to the river bank.
  • The nearest shops and services are in Bicheno, which is approximately 6km to the north east of the property.


This property was purchased under the TLC Revolving Fund. Funding for the purchase was provided by the Australian Government through the Forest Conservation Fund (a programme arising out of the Tasmanian Community Forest Agreement). Proceeds from the sale of this property will be returned to the Revolving Fund.