26.3 ha of forest and grassland at the foot of the Great Western Tiers and the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Adjacent to Tasmania’s most popular tourist cave, Marakoopa Cave and about 13km from Mole Creek township.

Area: 26.3ha (65ac)

Contact: Leigh Walters
Ph: 03 6331 9295
Mob: 0407 891 025

Conservation Values

The Marakoopa Creek Reserve has important conservation values including:

  • The land is part of the Mole Creek Karst System and is underlain by limestone caves, with at least one cave entrance on the property.
  • One forest community that is not adequately reserved wet white gum forest.
  • Habitat for the endangered Tasmanian Devil and other marsupial carnivores.

Protecting the Conservation Values

To provide permanent protection for the conservation values on the property, the TLC has registered a Conservation Covenant against the titles of the land. A section of the property has been excluded from the covenant to allow for future development. There is a current approved development application with the Meander Valley Council for a small residence. Elsewhere on the property the covenant restricts any activities that may degrade the conservation values of the land, but still allows for essential management activities (such as construction and maintenance of boundary fences) and for appropriate recreational activities (eg walking and walking tracks). A management plan will be developed with the new owners, ensuring that they are able to manage any threats to conservation values into the future. The TLC is also able to offer ongoing advice and assistance to the new owners in managing the conservation values of the land.

Infrastructure and Services

The property has road frontage to Mayberry Rd, a sealed road maintained by Meander Valley Council. From the entrance gate, a track runs across the paddock to the hut. The hut is constructed from timber with a corrugated iron roof and is currently maintained and used for overnight accommodation by a caving group, however it cannot be improved on and inhabited on a frequent basis. Meander Valley Council have approved the development of a small residence. An area of about 2.5ha including the hut and track are not included in the covenant and will be available for use by the owner.


This property was purchased under the TLC Revolving Fund. Funding for the purchase was provided by the Australian Government through the Forest Conservation Fund (a programme arising out of the Tasmanian Community Forest Agreement). Proceeds from the sale of this property will be returned to the Revolving Fund.