Risdon Peppermint

-42.7 S 147.2 E

31ha of forest and woodland between Dromedary and Bridgewater in the lower Derwent Valley (a 20min drive north of the Hobart CBD). The property offers spectacular views of the Derwent River, Mt Dromedary and surrounding forested ridges. It also offers a great house site and could accommodate a range of recreational and small-scale agricultural or pastoral pursuits.
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  • Area: 31.32ha (77ac)


The Risdon Peppermint property adjoins an existing private reserve and has significant conservation values, including:

  • an outlying population of Risdon Peppermint, which is listed as both a rare species and a rare vegetation community under Tasmanian legislation (as an outlying population it is also considered to be genetically significant);
  • a small area of vulnerable Tasmanian blue gum forest; and
  • habitat for several threatened fauna species, including the swift parrot, Eastern Barred Bandicoot and White-bellied Sea Eagle.


To provide permanent protection for the conservation values on the property, the TLC has registered a Conservation Covenant against the title of the land. Land in two separate parts of the property are excluded from the covenant to allow for use and development by future owners:

  • an area in the north-east corner with frontage to Cobbs Hill Rd offers spectacular views and could support small-scale agricultural or pastoral activities; and
  • an area in the south-east corner could also support small-scale agricultural or pastoral activities.

Within these areas future owners can clear vegetation, construct a home and undertake all the usual activities associated with residential use (subject to Council approval where required). Elsewhere on the property the covenant restricts any activities that may degrade the conservation values of the land, but still allows for essential management activities (such as maintenance of tracks and fences) and for appropriate recreational activities (eg walking and walking tracks).


Legal access to the property is provided via direct frontage to Cobbs Hill Rd. The Reserve contains or is serviced by the following infrastructure.

  • Shops, schools and community services are available within 2km of the property.
  • There is a vehicular track running from Cobbs Hill Rd to a cleared house site in the north east corner of the property. There are several other vehicular tracks on the property that provide good access to boundaries and also have potential use as fire-breaks.
  • Reticulated water runs close to the entrance off Cobbs Hill Rd on the northern boundary and is also available along the southern boundary.
  • Overhead power lines run along Cobbs Hill Rd at the northern boundary.
  • The property boundary is fenced on the northern, eastern and southern boundaries. The un-fenced western boundary adjoins an existing private reserve on the neighbouring property.
  • Internal fencing delineates several small paddocks in the north-eastern and south-eastern corners of the property.
  • There are four dams of varying scales on the property.
  • There are two small sheds associated with the paddocks in the south eastern corner.


This property was purchased under the TLC Revolving Fund. Funding for the purchase was provided by the Australian Government through the Forest Conservation Fund (a programme arising out of the Tasmanian Community Forest Agreement). Proceeds from the sale of this property will be returned to the Revolving Fund.