Beautiful Bruny Island is a stronghold for the endangered, endemic forty-spotted pardalote, and you could play a part in its conservation by caring for this property. Set among public and private nature reserves and close to the TLC's Lutregala Marsh Reserve, Simpson's Bay Road protects old-growth trees and habitat for threatened and endangered fauna. Offers above $669,000.

Area: 46.6ha (115ac)

Contact: Leigh Walters
Ph: 03 6331 9295
Mob: 0407 891 025

Conservation Values

This 46.6 ha property at 69 Simpsons Bay Road, Bruny Island extends from Simpsons Bay Road to the upper slopes of Driscolls Hill. The property contains an existing internal driveway to a clearing affording coastal views as well as a large clearing on level ground adjacent to Simpsons Bay Road. The property is located in an area containing private and public nature reserves.

The property comprises Tasmanian white peppermint Eucalyptus pulchella forest and woodland (DPU) containing old-growth elements and habitat for threatened and endangered fauna. There are also mature, emergent Tasmanian blue gum Eucalyptus globulus trees in the wetter portions of the property as well as a small area containing rainforest species including sassafras (Atherosperma moschatum) and blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon). There are numerous large, hollow-bearing trees; one raptor nest has been recorded on the more remote, western boundary of the property. Significantly, there are records of forty-spotted pardalotes (Pardalotus quadragintus) within the property.

Protecting the Conservation Values

To provide permanent protection for the conservation values on the property, the TLC has an approved covenant that will be registered on the land title before finalising the property sale. Part of the property will be excluded from the covenant to allow for future use and development. This property contains two exclusion areas with a total area of 3.35 hectares. Within the exclusion areas, future custodians may clear vegetation and construct a building (subject to council approval where required). Elsewhere on the property the covenant restricts any activities that may degrade the conservation values of the land, but still allows for essential management activities (such as construction and maintenance of boundary fences) and for appropriate recreational activities (eg walking and walking tracks).

Infrastructure and Services

The property is accessed from the Council maintained, Simpsons Bay Road. There is one internal track on the property that may require upgrading by the future custodian (subject to any necessary approvals). Powerlines run along Simpsons Bay Road.


This property was purchased through the TLC’s Forest Conservation Fund Revolving Fund. Funding for the purchase was provided by the Australian Government. Proceeds from the sale of this property will be returned to the TLC’s Revolving Fund to support additional purchasers and covenants.