Tasmania is home to a unique array of plants and wildlife, many of which are found nowhere else in the world. While Tasmania is well known for its large and iconic national parks and reserves, numerous species that call Tasmania home are still under threat of disappearing forever.

Many of our remarkable plants and wildlife rely on critical habitat that only occurs on private land for their survival.

From remote mountain tops to coastal environments, woodlands, wetlands and grasslands, the TLC’s permanent reserves protect some of the most important natural areas in Tasmania. These reserves create a network of natural areas that truly deliver long-term security for our native species and ecosystems.

Help us build a world-class system of reserves by donating to our latest campaign to secure our next permanent reserve.

Leaving a gift to the TLC in your will is one of the most powerful ways to help protect Tasmania’s beautiful natural places, forever. Find out how you can give a lasting gift to nature by making a bequest.

Banner Image: Orange Everlasting Daisies (Xerochrysum subundulatum) at the Vale of Belvoir. Photo: Matthew Newton