A partnership between the Tasmanian Land Conservancy and the University of Tasmania is researching the effect of grazing on the Vale of Belvoir.

There has been a long history of cattle grazing at the Vale of Belvoir and grassland ecologists have suggested that grazing may have helped maintain grassland diversity, by preventing grass species from out-competing herbs and other minor species.

In the summer of 2014/15 the TLC, in partnership with the University of Tasmania, began a research project at the Vale of Belvoir to re-visit the effect of cattle grazing on a range of natural values. Preliminary findings suggest that while cattle grazing had no statistically significant effect on grassland diversity, grazing intensity is concentrated around streams and wetlands and is causing significant damage to these sensitive areas. Ongoing research is aimed at determining the effect of grazing on threatened plant species.

Banner image: Cattle grazing at the Vale of Belvoir Reserve Photo: Matt Taylor