Lindsay Crawford

I joined the [Launceston Walking] Club in 1950 in my mid twenties when I came to Launceston for my first job as the Biologist at the Queen Victoria Museum, along with Bruce Ellis who was the Geologist. I had grown up on the edge of the bush environment of Sandy Bay and was a lone hiker while at school and Uni in Hobart. The members of the Launceston Walking Club made me very welcome and introduced me to the bush, and the Club became a very important part of my life. I was active most weekends, and walked to every hut in the Reserve, and led a trip to Federation Peak. My first pack carrying trip was to Mt Anne. There was a memorable trip down the NW coast with Bill Mollison who later made a name for himself in Permaculture. I kept in touch with him for many years, also with Bruce Ellis, Dave Pinkard, Norm Hoyle, Melva Truhanas, and others by correspondence. My many visits to Ernie Bond, including helping him carry out his stuff when he moved back to Hobart, were always memorable.