Nick Taylor

I was an engineer and scientist turned not-for-profit community organiser, but my health deteriorated due to chronic stress and burnout followed by antibiotics damage.

Early last year my gut seized up and I ended up in hospital with starvation. Almost all my muscles had atrophied away to the point where it was a challenge to walk around the block on my thin and weakened legs.

When I set off on a month-long solo bike adventure in November, it came after months of rebuilding. It was something I’d dreamed of doing for years, but I’d been held back by ill health. The bike trip was also part of my healing process, helping re-build my physical and mental resilience.

I’ve come a long way, but I’m still on the road to recovery. I’m uncertain about re-entering the workforce, as I still battle IBS and fatigue. But I can ride a bike and I can write, if I have the freedom to go at my own pace.