Existing Foundation Funds

Thank you to our Foundation Fund holders whose gifts generate annual interest to support the management of our reserves.

Donate to the TLC Foundation to support long-term conservation.


Alcorso Arts and Nature Fund

Another Tomorrow Fund

Barry Family Fund

Bennell Family Fund

Biodiversity Management Fund

Bird Conservation Fund

Bower and Breedon Family Fund

Bosworth Family Fund

Brown Mountain Fund

Bryant Bird Fund

Bush Science Fund

Buz Green Family Fund

Cameron Blackburn Fund

Carolyn Parsons Bequest

Cathy Gibbons Fund

Chris Harwood Fund

Dan Sprod Fluvial Fund

Dorothy Reeves Fund

Elizabeth Ann James Bequest

Endemic Crustacean Fund

Fanny’s Fund

Five Rivers Endowment Fund

Frances, Friends and Family Fund

George Gearing Bird Fund

Ginny Jackson Fund

Hawkins Family Fund

Hilda Fund

Hope Family Fund

Houston Family Fund

Ian and Margaret Newman Fund

Jack’s Fund

Jack and Norah Donne Fund

Jane and John E Butler Fund

Janet & Maisie Cohen Fund

Joseph Bedford Bequest

Julie Fakes Fund

June Fisher Fund

Jupe Family Fund

Kaldor Wild Edges Fund

Kimberley Foundation Fund

KJA Fund

Luan and Yoong Fund

M & M Temple-Smith Grandchildren Fund

Nathan Males and Malbarry Family Fund

Marshall Family Fund

Maureen Tarleton Fund

Michael Buxton Bequest

Naylor Bird Fund

O’cean Fund

Peter and Karen Cosier Fund

Peter Lemon Fund

Peter Riedel Fund

Phil Cook Memorial Fund

Potts Family Fund

Prior Family Fund

Ricardo Alves-Ferreira Legacy Fund

Robyn Bishop Fund

Samantha Jane Hignett Fund

Snack Fund

Solas Fund

Squeezing Fund

Stephen Geoffrey Blanden Bequest

Susan Gough Fund

Tania Stadler Fund

Tertini Foundation Fund

Thomas and Grace Couser Fund

Tom Hay Bequest

Twin Gums Fund

von Bibra Fund

Warwick Ashley Elpidos Fund

Wilderness and Wildflowers Fund

Wyatt Family Fund

Donate to the TLC Foundation to support long-term conservation.

Banner image: Heath Holden