Ricardo Alves-Ferreira Legacy Fund

The Ricardo Alves-Ferreira Legacy Fund was established in 2023 by Ricardo's daughter, Jaquelina.

To give to the TLC Foundation through the Ricardo Alves-Ferreira Legacy Fund, please click here. To select the Ricardo Alves-Ferreira Legacy Fund, please click the drop down arrow beside the TLC Foundation in the ‘Transaction Details’. Your support enables the TLC to continue protecting and managing nature in Tasmania.

Ricardo Alves-Ferreira had many amazing accomplishments in his life. Always going above and beyond to achieve ultimate creativity and success in everything he put his mind to. He painted, danced, sculpted, and sang his way through life leaving beauty everywhere he went. His passion for life turned into a series of books encompassing everyone he loved. He supported and encouraged all of his friends to live life fearlessly and to do what brought them joy.

Unfortunately, he passed away suddenly on January 13, 2020, leaving a big hole in many hearts. I decided to sell his many art pieces so that friends and family of Ricardo can keep a piece of his work, his love, creation and passion, for many years to come.

Ricardo had a huge appreciation of nature and wildlife. He was passionate about supporting the work of the Tasmanian Land Conservancy to protect habitat from deforestation, creating refuges for flora and fauna. The purpose of selling his artwork was to raise funds to donate in his honour and create his legacy.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1961 to Portuguese parents, Ricardo moved to Auckland, New Zealand before settling in Melbourne while he was in his 20s. He fell in love with the nature of Gippsland and moved to the Bass Coast region where he lived for 23 years. Ricardo was always caring for and supporting everyone. He spent 11 years working as an occupational therapist then shifted to a career in conservation at the Penguin Parade, educating people about penguins and providing the most entertaining tours and presentations.

Ricardo was always an artist: he painted, sculpted, drew, danced, sand-sculpted, wrote poems and eventually books. He was an avid traveller, always valuing experiences with people he loved rather than material objects. He travelled to many countries including 15 with me, his daughter. He was an incredible, caring, expressive and supportive person who literally lit up the room and made everyone feel loved and valued.

Ricardo enjoyed spending time in nature and fell in love with Tasmania after his first visit. He volunteered with me in wildlife conservation projects in South Africa, the Peruvian Amazon and at our home on Phillip Island. Once he heard about TLC he wanted to purchase land and get involved.

He loved life, living it to the fullest, and in my personal opinion was the best person I’ve ever met and I am so fortunate to have had him as not only my father but also my best friend. Thank you to everyone who purchased his artwork and helped support this donation.

Jaquelina Alves-Ferreira