Fanny’s Fund

This Fund was established in 2023 to honour Fanny Smith’s community spirit, including donating land for community purposes.

Fanny’s Fund honours the life and legacy of famous palawa songstress, Fanny Smith. Fanny lived the greater part of her life at Nicholls Rivulet on land purchased by her husband, William Smith, and also on adjacent lands granted to her by the colonial government in the late 1800s.  The original owners of that land did not survive colonisation. Fanny was born into captivity on Flinders Island and lived there and at Oyster Cove as a ward of the state before her marriage. She was a strong supporter of her local community, raising funds for a range of public initiatives and giving land for a church which still stands at Nicholls Rivulet.

Throughout her life Fanny lived a life closely connected to the land and made use of its plants to make baskets, as well as using shells for the necklaces she wore.

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