Vale Jean Richmond

Recently we sadly lost a great treasure with the passing of Jean Richmond. Jean died unexpectedly but as she had wished; peacefully, at home in her armchair with her beloved dog Buddy beside her. Thankfully, she’d been happy and well, and as busy as ever, living life fully up until the evening she quietly slipped away. Jean lived a phenomenal life and was an extraordinary woman: courageous, resilient and determined. Born in 1937 Jean lived in the UK and South Africa before migrating to Hobart in 1974. Jean was kind, generous and fun loving, a deeply caring and devoted mother, grandmother and great-grandmother and loving and loyal sister, auntie and friend.

For the Tasmanian Land Conservancy (TLC), Jean was one of the ‘handful of volunteers’ that started our organisation. Jean joined as a volunteer after hearing about the newly formed group at a fundraising stall at Salamanca Market, where TLC founders were raising funds for the purchase of Long Point on Tasmania’s east coast. Jean joined the small team the following Tuesday (29 July 2003), volunteering at the TLC’s Salamanca office. Years later as the TLC grew to become one of Tasmania’s largest private landholders, Jean became a staff member in the Fundraising Team, retiring at the age of 80 in late 2016. Jean had previously had careers at CSIRO and UTAS before joining the TLC.

Before TLC had a database or more than one computer, staff (being CEO Nathan Males) and volunteers would account for what they did in a small diary. Jean did anything and everything, from managing the Coffee and Tea Club to donor relations. She was also the TLC’s secret office supplies weapon, building up stationery stocks by accumulating paper clips and pens from the bank. Just last year Jean was made an Honorary Life Member of the TLC for her extraordinary contribution over 17 years.

Jean was a gentle soul, caring and considerate. She loved the TLC (with her passion for science) and the TLC loved her.

After retiring from TLC, Jean could be found most days in the park walking Buddy. If you were lucky enough to see her, you would be treated to talking all things politics, climate, the latest cafes, the housing market, and recent movie releases. She would walk with purpose around Hobart, to the butcher, to the grocer, to the health food shop for all her special supplies. Jean loved the simple things in life and enjoyed sourcing healthy, sustainable, ethical, and local products. She was a deep thinker, measured and went about her day at her own pace.

Wombat at the Vale of Belvoir. Image: Wolfgang Glowacki

Those who knew Jean, would appreciate she didn’t want a funeral. She shied away from attention and would prefer to quietly go about her day helping and supporting others to reach their dreams and aspirations. She loved excitement though and would always say she ‘wanted something exciting to happen’. She would often recount the times of the Recherche Bay, Vale of Belvoir (her favourite reserve), New Leaf and Five Rivers campaigns and the moments of pure joy and happiness, when the team stopped to celebrate what they were all working towards.

The TLC offers our deepest condolences to Jean’s family and all who knew her and had the privilege of sharing time with her. We will always remember her smile and infectious laugh; she will be dearly missed.


Jean’s daughter, Carolyn, will be collating a special tribute to share with those close to Jean, including her sons, family and friends who are sadly unable to travel to Hobart at this time. If you would like to send in your own personal tribute (which may be words, a drawing, photos etc) Carolyn and her family will be very appreciative. Please email Sophie Marshall at

In lieu of flowers or cards, Jean’s family has asked that you please contribute to Jean’s legacy by donating to the TLC. Visit our Donations in Tribute page and type ‘Jean Richmond’ in the Honouree Name. All gifts will be directed to support the TLC’s ongoing conservation efforts which Jean so proudly worked for.


A celebration of Jean will be held at TLC’s Tinderbox Hills Reserve on Friday 10 September 2021. Please register by Wednesday 8 September through the Humanitix link – click here

Jean celebrating with friends and family at her TLC retirement party

Banner image of Vale of Belvoir is by Wolfgang Glowacki.