The Remarkable Tasmanian Devil

A short film by the TLC detailing a Carnivore Monitoring Project at Five Rivers Reserve is now showing at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG).

The Remarkable Tasmanian Devil exhibition explores a range of perspectives on the devil, from little-known historical tales to stories from pioneering scientific researchers.

Once regarded as a savage predator with few redeeming features, Australia’s largest carnivore has had its image transformed courtesy of publicity surrounding the devastating Tasmanian devil facial tumour disease.

Subsequently, the devil is now more widely acknowledged as integral to Tasmania’s ecological and cultural landscape.

Leading the way on scientific research is the TLC’s Carnivore Monitoring Project, which was kicked off with a grant from the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program.

With the help of dozens of volunteers, the TLC installed 46 camera traps within the Five Rivers Reserve, where devils have been monitored for the last four years.

The film featured at the TMAG exhibition details this project, revealing healthy and widespread devils surviving in close association with other carnivore predators in a stable ecological landscape.

The film will run for the duration of the exhibition from 8 December 2017 – 6 May 2018. Admission is free.

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