The TLC Foundation

The Tasmanian Land Conservancy Foundation ensures the irreplaceable ecosystems found on our reserves are maintained through a permanent, reliable source of income.

In 2009, the Tasmanian Land Conservancy (TLC) recognised the importance of an ongoing source of income to provide critical support for the effective conservation management of our suite of reserves. The Tasmanian Land Conservancy Foundation was established as a mechanism within the TLC to enable the independent, long-term resourcing of on-ground management activities and ecological monitoring.

What The Funds Are Used For

While acquiring and protecting land is critically important, effective long-term management is fundamental to ensure these areas remain safeguarded for future generations. To achieve this, the capital in the TLC Foundation is invested through a rigorous environmental and ethical screen. The funds generated then provide the TLC with a permanent, reliable and vital source of income for our reserves, forever.

The Foundation funds let us carry out essential tasks, such as weeding, fencing, road works, feral animal control and fire management. The Foundation also supports the all-important scientific work that happens right across our permanent reserve estate, including installation of visual and acoustic monitoring devices, which are gathering really valuable data on the health and status of vegetation, wildlife and other ecosystem values. The Foundation gives us the security to plan for the future with long-term conservation objectives across our reserve estate. Find out more about our ecological monitoring program

Each year, the income generated from the Foundation allows the implementation of critical conservation management activities across our reserve estate. For further details, please visit our TLC Reserves page, or view our suite of past annual reports.

Our ambition is to grow the Foundation so it covers 100% of all annual management costs of our permanent conservation reserve, and we are well on the way. We could not have the Foundation growing towards that 100% goal without the enormous generosity of those individuals who are giving to the foundation within their lifetime, or who are choosing to leave a bequest.

How It Works

Administration of the Foundation is overseen by our Foundation Sub-committee who provide advice to the Board. The TLC Foundation investments are managed by JBWere Philanthropic Services. Guided by the subcommittee, all investments are put through a robust environmental and ethical screening process. Gifts are honoured and preserved to ensure the highest return on investment with the lowest possible risk.

Current Progress

The TLC Foundation has seen steady growth since its inception in 2009. Thanks to the significant generosity of many supporters, the current balance of the Foundation is more than $12million.

In 2020-21, the TLC Board approved that 73% of reserve management and conservation science would be funded by the Foundation: more detail is available in that year’s annual report. With the growth in the Foundation through donations and positive returns on investments, we’re edging closer to achieving sustainable funding for the effective ongoing conservation management of the TLC’s current reserve estate—including continued weed control, maintaining property access and ecological monitoring.

For older Foundation figures, read our annual reports.

How You Can Get Involved

The Foundation is made up of individual named funds. These are established with a minimum contribution of $10,000; founders can continue making contributions afterward. Some fund founders set up a web page to tell the story of their fund. Many of these are in tribute to someone special and are a way to honour their memory, share images and invite others to contribute to the fund. Donations to the Foundation will add to the funds able to be invested – the interest generated will support conservation management on the TLC’s reserves.

We would be delighted to work with you, to personalise your Fund page. This will enable you to share it with your family and friends, encouraging your Fund to grow.

Setting up an individual Fund or contributing to an existing one is an incredibly powerful way to help us to ensure the longevity of our important conservation work. There are many ways you can contribute to this meaningful mechanism. We welcome gifts from individuals, corporations, foundations, trusts and Private Ancillary Funds.

Please contact us to further discuss an option that may best suit you.

’In 2017 I wanted to do something in memory of my husband Cameron Blackburn who died of leukaemia in his early 20s. A Fund in the TLC Foundation seemed the perfect memorial. I approached Cameron’s family and his brother Gerald was enthusiastic about joining me in this venture. It is wonderful to have the Cameron Blackburn Fund to contribute to protecting Tasmania’s unique land and seascapes that Cameron loved so much.’

Sue Blackburn

Photo: Eddie Safarik