The TLC Foundation ensures the irreplaceable ecosystems found on our reserves are maintained through a permanent, reliable source of income.

The Tasmanian Land Conservancy (TLC) Foundation is an endowment fund, established in 2009 to secure the independent, long-term resourcing required to ensure the effective and crucial management of our reserves.
From the remote mountain tops to coastal environments, woodlands, wetlands and grasslands, our reserves protect some of the most important natural areas in Tasmania. They conserve critical habitat for our rare and threatened species and serve as safe havens for the future.

While acquiring and protecting land is critically important, effective long-term management of these areas is fundamental to ensure these areas remain safeguarded for future generations. To achieve this, the capital of the TLC Foundation is invested through a rigorous environmental and ethical screen. The funds generated then provide the TLC with a permanent, reliable and vital source of income for our reserves, forever.

The establishment of the Foundation has enabled the important development of a rigorous, long-term scientific ecological monitoring program which captures a multitude of data from across our reserves; data that is key to us understanding these ecosystems. Through these well-established planning systems, and information gathered through our monitoring program, the TLC is well-positioned to assess, prioritise and implement targeted management activities and ensure that these unique natural places, rare ecosystems and critical habitats are protected now and into the future.

Each year, the income generated from the Foundation allows the implementation of critical conservation management activities across our reserve estate. For further details, please visit our TLC Reserves page, or view our suite of past annual reports.

How it Works

We at the TLC pride ourselves on demonstrating sound governance to ensure the utmost respect and trust from our supporters and the broader community.

Administration of the Foundation is overseen by our Foundation Sub-committee who provide advice to the Board. Current committee members are: Jennie Churchill (Chair), Susan Gough, Erika Korosi, Sam McCullough (independent/former TLC board member), Roderic O’Connor (independent/former TLC board member) and Stephen Atkinson (independent).

The TLC Foundation investments are managed by JBWere Philanthropic Services. Guided by the subcommittee, all investments are put through a robust environmental and ethical screening process. Gifts are honoured and preserved to ensure the highest return on investment with the lowest possible risk.

This diagram illustrates the cyclical nature of funding strategies used to establish the TLC Foundation. Diagram by by Gwen Iacona, University of Queensland

Current progress

The TLC Foundation has seen steady growth since its inception in 2009. Thanks to the significant generosity of many supporters, the current balance of the Foundation is just over $10million. We aim to raise a further $3million to reach our goal to cover the cost of the conservation management across all of our reserves. This will include reserve management work, resourcing costs of the conservation science and planning team and all management costs. Every donation to the TLC Foundation brings us closer to achieving that goal.

How you can get involved

The Foundation is made up of a number of individual Funds. Currently, 35 Funds have been established to make up the Foundation. A named Fund can be established with a minimum contribution of $10 thousand, or you can contribute any nominated amount to support an existing one. Each Fund within the Foundation will provide an endowment for perpetual funding, with annual interest generated by your gift directly supporting the management of our reserves. Establishing an individual Fund can also provide an opportunity to honour someone special or to support a particular conservation project. We would be delighted to work with you, to personalise your Fund page. This will enable you to share it with your family and friends, encouraging your Fund to grow.

Setting up an individual Fund or contributing to an existing one is an incredibly powerful way to help us to ensure the longevity of our important conservation work. There are many ways you can contribute to this meaningful mechanism. We welcome gifts from individuals, corporations, foundations, trusts and Private Ancillary Funds.

Please contact us to further discuss an option that may best suit you.

Peter and Jo Voller, TLC Foundation supporters Photo: Chris Crerar

’Having worked with landholders and conservationists for most of our careers, we know the importance of enduring protection of natural areas. Owning a property is only the first step in protecting it.

We support the TLC and the Foundation as a way for us to constructively contribute to the ongoing management of Tasmania’s special places and natural values. The real benefits of the Foundation are that it actively supports scientifically based, long-term management of reserves. It gives us a wonderful opportunity to pool our small contribution with like-minded people and be a part of a much bigger and more influential conservation effort than we could ever achieve alone.

The structure of the governance of the TLC and the Foundation give us confidence that both will be around and working effectively to protect the places we value long after we are gone. That is a great feeling!’

Peter and Jo Voller - Twin Gums Fund