Many of our supporters leave a gift to the TLC in their will. It is one of the most powerful and simple ways to protect the special places you value today, forever. Find out how to join them.


People connect to nature in so many ways. Leaving a gift in your will is something simple and powerful you can do to make sure the wild places you love today, are protected for the future.

how your bequest protects nature

Gifts in wills, or bequests, are crucial for the TLC to keep doing our important conservation work into the future.

When you leave a gift to the TLC, it will be directed towards our conservation programs. It will go to the most vital and relevant areas of our work at the time. For example, your gift may be put towards buying a conservation property. Or, it may be held in the TLC Foundation to fund our important conservation science work.

Of course, you can also specify that you want your gift to go to a particular program.

You can be confident that your gift will make an enduring difference.

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Making your gift count for nature

The best way to support the TLC is through a gift of money from your estate. This may be a specific sum of money, though this will lose value over time. Consider instead leaving the funds (or a percentage) that remain after your bequests to loved ones have been made and estate expenses paid.

We encourage you to not restrict how we use your gift. The programs that are needed today may not be as important to nature when your gift is eventually received.

If you want to leave a property to the TLC, please contact us to discuss that gift’s suitability and practicality.

Reach out to us and then seek advice from a solicitor when drafting your will, because the wording you use is very important.

Gum blossoms at Tinderbox Hills Reserve. Photo: Andy Townsend

Wording for simple gifts in wills

Please see page 8 of our Gifts in Wills booklet (PDF) for some basic wording for a simple monetary gift to the TLC.

let us know about your legacy

If you have decided to leave the TLC a gift in your will, please let us know.

Confirming your gift to the TLC gives us a chance to personally thank you for your generosity and commitment. We’ll be able to keep you updated about our work. And we will invite you to join the TLC’s community of Natural Guardians, who receive invitations to special events and trips to our magnificent reserves.

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Details of all pledged gifts remain confidential. Being recognised as a Natural Guardian is entirely optional.

Building a connection with you and being aware of your gift helps the TLC honour your wishes if your will is challenged.

To discuss your gift, please contact our Planned Giving Coordinator, Annabelle Sweetman, at or 0409 429 660.

Banner image: Prosser River Reserve. Photo: Rob Blakers