Many of our supporters have chosen to leave a gift to the TLC in their will. As one of the most powerful and simple ways to protect the special places you value today, forever - you can too.

Bequests play a crucial role in ensuring our long-term vision for Tasmania to be a global leader in nature conservation, and we are so grateful to supporters who have had the generosity and foresight to leave a gift to the TLC.

Download our Gifts in Wills booklet (PDF)

By leaving a gift in your will to the TLC, you have the option to join our community of Natural Guardians. Natural Guardians receive exclusive invitations to special information events and hosted trips to our magnificent reserves.

Please do something wonderful and consider leaving the TLC a bequest in your will. You will be helping to ensure that nature lasts, for generations to come.


In many cases, the best way to support the TLC is through a monetary gift from your estate. This may be a specific sum of money, but keep in mind loss of value over time. Consider a gift of all or a specified portion of the residue of your estate. This can give the TLC funds remaining after you have made appropriate provision for family and loved ones and estate expenses. We suggest that you speak with us, and then seek advice from a solicitor when drafting your will, as the wording used is very important.

If you are considering leaving your own property to the TLC in your will, we encourage you to speak with us about the suitability and practicalities of such a gift.


Unless otherwise specified in your will, a gift to the TLC will be directed towards our conservation programs, going to the most vital and relevant areas of our work at the time, or held as part of the Tasmanian Land Conservancy (TLC) Foundation.

We at the TLC pride ourselves on our sound governance, which has resulted in the utmost respect and trust from our supporters and the broader community.

The objects and purposes which already bind the TLC provide a framework for the use of all funds and property we receive. Our focus on the perpetual protection and ongoing management of land of exceptional ecological value gives our supporters peace of mind that their gift will be put to good use. We encourage you to not restrict the use of your gift as certain programs or initiatives today may not be as vital or relevant when your gift is eventually received.

The TLC Foundation endowment fund, set up in 2009, provides critical support for the effective conservation management of our suite of reserves. It enables the independent, long-term resourcing of on-ground management activities and ecological monitoring. The TLC Foundation ensures the irreplaceable ecosystems found on our reserves are maintained through a permanent, reliable source of income.

Find out more about the TLC Foundation.


Please share your intentions to leave a gift, so that your generosity and commitment is properly acknowledged, and to ensure you receive invitations to our special events. All information will be respected and kept in confidence. Please contact Sophie Marshall at or 0419 389 390.

Photo: Karen Brown

We have held strong ties to the natural landscape since our early years and with countless journeys into the wilderness appreciated all that is precious within Tasmania’s national parks and World Heritage Area. We didn’t realise at the time that most of Tasmania’s threatened vegetation communities and threatened species occur on private land.

Since the humblest of beginnings in 2001 TLC has grown to be the foremost NGO in the state with the sole purpose of protecting our wild and special places on private land. Much has been achieved through the TLC’s capacity to employ the right people, to form partnerships and engage with supporters.

Whilst the future will always present challenges, we are confident that TLC has the ability to endure and as a measure of our trust we have included a gift for TLC in our wills, so that the work of TLC can carry on into the future.

Cindy and Matt Page, Natural Guardians

Download our Gifts in Wills booklet (PDF)

Banner image: Forester moth in the Midlands. Photo: Tim Rudman

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