We work alongside committed landholders across Tasmania to identify, protect and manage important areas on their own properties through the establishment of conservation agreements.

trawtha makuminya

trawtha makuminya is 6,878 ha of near-pristine land owned by the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre. It connects the Tasmanian Land Conservancy reserves at Skullbone Plains and Five Rivers and the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage, and is managed for conservation. trawtha makuminya plays a vital role in reconnecting the Aboriginal community with Country.


Protected Areas on Private Land

Conserving private land is one of the most effective ways of protecting natural landscapes, native plants and animals for future generations. In Tasmania, privately protected land covers a smaller area, but contains a higher percentage of threatened communities than public reserves.


Midlands Conservation Fund

The Tasmanian Midlands are home to one of the most threatened ecosystems in the world - temperate grasslands and grassy woodlands. The Midlands Conservation Fund brings farmers and conservationists together to help protect these species on working farms.