The Tasmanian Land Conservancy is passionate about conserving Tasmania's habitats and species.

The TLC is actively contributing to Tasmania becoming a world leader in nature conservation and sustainability.

To do this we maintain a team of experts and science innovators, guided by a skilled Conservation Science and Planning Advisory Council. We use rigorous scientific methods to guide reserve management and acquisition. We work with state and Commonwealth bodies, universities and community organisations - locally, nationally and internationally. TLC’s science strategy ‘Knowing Nature 2016-2020′ outlines our conservation priorities in the coming years.

The TLC is engaged in a range of science-based projects and collaborations, such as our carnivore and ecological monitoring programmes across our reserves. Our feature projects can be viewed below.

Banner photograph: Heath Holden

Bird Conservation Fund

The Tasmanian Land Conservancy's Bird Conservation Fund combines evidence-based research and ecological monitoring with direct management actions ensuring effective and long-term conservation of our birds for generations to come.


Ecological Monitoring

Ecological monitoring helps us manage our reserves and build a bank of knowledge about their natural values.


Applied Conservation Research

The Tasmanian Land Conservancy fosters new research and partnerships to better understand natural values and how ecosystems function.


Citizen Science

The Tasmanian Land Conservancy celebrates citizen scientists and the wealth of knowledge that can be generated by engaging with our community.