$25,000 to help Tasmanian devils on private land

The TLC has been awarded a $25,000 grant for community based monitoring of the Tasmanian devil of private lands.

By enabling the TLC to purchase 60 wildlife cameras, the Tasmanian Devil Research Advisory Committee grant will allow the TLC to work with communities to collect long-term ecological data-sets that are a critical for effective conservation and natural resource management and research.

The project will engage landholders across Tasmania in a citizen-science monitoring project, and establish annual monitoring of Tasmanian devils at 120 private protected areas across the state.

Once regarded as a savage predator with few redeeming features, Australia’s largest carnivore has had its image transformed courtesy of publicity surrounding the devastating Tasmanian devil facial tumour disease.

Having suffered an 80% decline in population numbers because of the disease, the species is now listed as endangered, and is more widely acknowledged as an integral part Tasmania’s ecological and cultural landscape.