The Tasmanian Land Conservancy employs a dynamic, highly skilled staff who collectively boast a vast array of expertise. The team predominantly work part-time and achieve enormous results, always with conservation at the heart of every task.

Banner photo: Matthew Newton

James Hattam

Chief Executive Officer

James is a conservation ecologist with a passion for connecting people to the natural world through shared experiences, storytelling and community involvement. He has been working with government and not-for-profits in Victoria and Tasmania for more than ten years, with experience in conservation covenants, philanthropic programs, marketing, communications, community engagement and not-for-profit governance.

Alex Kutt

Manager Conservation Science and Planning

Margie Jenkin

Philanthropy & Engagement Manager

Margie is passionate about Tasmania’s environment and the role people play in its protection. She has previously worked with Landcare Tasmania, the Environmental Defenders Office (EDO) Tasmania and with the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service. Margie lives on the flanks of kunanyi/Mt Wellington in a perpetual reno with her partner and some chickens.

Shane McHugh

Business Development Manager

Shane is an adventurer with a passion for wilderness and nature conservation. He has spent most of his professional career in business management in the corporate sector and now supports the TLC's business functions and leads its business development. Shane is in his second tenure at TLC - from 2013 he took a break from business management to spend two years in the reserves team. This gave Shane an intimate connection with the TLC's reserves and a sound understanding of the conservation work carried out by the organisation.

Leigh Walters

Operations Manager

Leigh was born and raised in northern Tasmania and spent much of his childhood out in nature, finding out about plants, animals and their habits and habitats. He has had twenty years’ experience in the private land conservation field, from working with landowners to help them achieve conservation, to managing the TLC Reserve Estate. Leigh's two daughters and a fantastic wife are his priority, but he also fits in some beach fishing, occasional bushwalks and travel.

Sean Guinane

Reserves Coordinator

Sean Guinane is the TLC’s reserves manager, which means he keeps an eye on tens of thousands of hectares of land, co-ordinating a team who ensure fences are maintained, roads cleared, weeds removed and fires managed, among many other tasks. When he’s not working, Sean likes to ride his bike, grow things and build things.

Cath Dickson

Conservation Management and Planning Coordinator

Cath is experienced ecologist, with 15 years’ experience working in natural resource and threatened species management in regional South Australia and Victoria, for government and NGOs. She recently completed her PhD at Monash University on the response of a dominant threatened plant to climate change on Macquarie Island – which ultimately led to her move south to Tasmania. Cath’s passion is working with people in nature conservation to achieve great conservation outcomes, while getting out into wild Tasmanian landscapes.

Rowena Hamer

Conservation Scientist

Rowena moved to Tasmania in 2014 to start a PhD on devils, quolls and cats in the Midlands, and hasn’t managed to leave. She tries to spend as much of her time as possible out and about on our reserves, but when in the office is usually to be found unleashing her inner nerd on our ecological monitoring data.

Joe Quarmby

Conservation Ecologist

Joe recently joined the TLC to deliver the Kingborough Environmental Fund covenant program. He brings more than 15 years’ experience as a botanist with a background in threatened species conservation and vegetation management. He previously worked an ecologist for the South Australian Government before moving to Tasmania and working as a botanical consultant. Joe loves getting out into nature and searching for rare plants.

Matt Taylor

Conservation Scientist

Matt is an ecologist and coordinator of TLC’s WildTracker and Land for Wildlife Programs. He has worked with TLC for 11 years, visiting every corner of Tasmania. Matt is completing a PhD with UTAS, focusing on the socio-ecology of wildlife conservation on private land. He lives on a farm in the Huon Valley with his wife Anna and two young children – Radha and Casey.

Belle Monk

Reserves Officer

Belle has a degree in Natural Environment and Wilderness Studies from UTAS. For the past four years she has been working at Greening Australia as a project officer and she has seven years’ experience as a volunteer firefighter. Belle wants to follow her passions for working outdoors and being part of practical efforts to look after and improve natural places.

Grant Houniet

Reserves Officer

Grant has qualifications in project management and leisure management, and comes to the TLC from Conservation Volunteers Australia, where he was the Statewide Manager. He was previously Operations Manager for the Tasmanian Walking Company. Grant loves hiking, fly-fishing, and stonework.

Jarrah Vercoe

Revolving Fund Coordinator

Jarrah joins the TLC team with 15 years’ experience in a variety of roles spanning the public and private sector. Much of Jarrah’s work has been in a project management capacity, delivering projects in invasive species management, environmental impact assessment and carbon abatement projects in the land sector. His interest in conservation began at an early age and has only grown since. Outside of work, Jarrah loves exploring remote rivers in Tasmania’s South West and West Coast as well as taking to two wheels in the foothills of kunanyi / Mt Wellington.

Anna Povey

Conservation Programs Ecologist

Anna is an ecologist with broad, practical experience over 30 years, including growing native plants, controlling weeds and revegetating, flora surveys, a consulting business, environmental education and small mammal research. She enjoys working with private landholders with conservation covenants, and learns something from every landholder.

Andrew Cameron

Conservation Programs Officer, Midlands Conservation Fund

Helen Morgan

Conservation Programs Ecologist

Helen is a widely experienced ecologist who has worked in river and bushland management, nature conservation and community engagement. Family life is her greatest care, but once the kids were set, she and her husband adventured away to northern NSW where she attained her doctorate at the University of New England, researching trophic cascades in Australia. Helen loves the conservation ethic at TLC, working with people for nature conservation and being out in the bush.

Oliver Strutt

Conservation Programs Ecologist

Oliver works with the many private landholders who contribute to nature conservation in Tasmania. He loves that work, and getting out to explore every part of the state. With a degree in Natural Environment and Wilderness Studies, Oliver has previously been employed in native plant propagation, revegetation, weed control and environmental management.

Emma McPhee

Program Support – Philanthropy & Engagement and Science

Emma supports her colleagues to harness technology and build better connections across community engagement, science and reserves management, and has just launched into an exciting new role delivering Land for Wildlife. A background in environmental interpretation and a degree in environmental management has fostered her deep love of nature and inner wildlife geek.

Sophie Marshall

Planned Giving Coordinator

A native of northern Tasmania, Soph spent a few years on the mainland and travelling the world before returning to her island home. She has always felt most inspired and whole when she's near mountains and rivers: she is passionate about connecting people to nature, and fascinated by the relationship between mental health, sense of self and time spent in nature. Soph has worked in several roles at the TLC and is now overseeing the Natural Guardians program for bequests in wills.

Phillip Laroche

Community Engagement Coordinator

With a diverse background in entrepreneurship, eco and cultural tourism management, thematic interpretation and event coordination, Phill is passionate about immersive story-telling and curating meaningful opportunities and experiences so people may benefit, and benefit from, nature.

Jane Rawson

Communications Coordinator

Jane comes to the TLC after writing for Victoria's environment department and The Conversation. Also a novelist and essayist, she moved to Tasmania from Melbourne’s inner west so she could be closer to wildlife.