The Tasmanian Land Conservancy employs a dynamic, highly skilled staff who collectively boast a vast array of expertise. The team predominantly work part-time and achieve enormous results, always with conservation at the heart of every task.

Banner photo: Matthew Newton

James Hattam

Chief Executive Officer

Sally Bryant

Conservation Science & Planning Manager

Margie Jenkin

Philanthropy & Engagement Manager

Sean Guinane

Reserves Manager

Shane McHugh

Business Development Manager

Leigh Walters

Operations Manager

Denna Kingdom

Reserves Manager

Chris Atkinson

Reserves Officer

Andrew Cameron

Conservation Programmes Officer, Midlands Conservation Fund

Rowena Hamer

Conservation Scientist

Emma McPhee

Program Support – Philanthropy and Engagement

Sophie Marshall

Planned Giving Coordinator

Helen Morgan

Conservation Programs Officer

Anna Povey

Conservation Programmes Officer

Joe Quarmby

Conservation Ecologist

Phillip Laroche

Community Engagement Coordinator

With a diverse background in entrepreneurship, eco and cultural tourism management, thematic interpretation and event coordination, Phill is passionate about immersive story-telling and curating meaningful opportunities and experiences so people may benefit, and benefit from, nature.

Angus Robinson

Reserves Officer

Oliver Strutt

Conservation Programmes Officer

Matt Taylor

Conservation Scientist

Janine Waldron

Conservation Programs Coordinator - Revolving Fund