Looking after nature

To achieve this, we established the TLC Foundation. As an endowment fund, the Foundation uses invested capital to generate interest. This permanent, reliable source of income is used to manage our reserves. The TLC Foundation has enabled the development of a rigorous, long-term scientific ecological monitoring program which captures a multitude of data from across our reserves. Assessing this information enables the TLC to prioritise and implement targeted management activities to ensure these unique natural places, rare ecosystems and critical habitats are protected now and into the future.

Contributing to the TLC Foundation or an existing Fund within it is an incredibly powerful way to guarantee the longevity of our important conservation work.

Support a particular conservation interest and donate to an existing Fund today, or discover how you can establish a Fund for yourself or your family, or to honour someone special.

”The real benefits of the Foundation are that it actively supports scientifically based, long-term management of reserves. It gives us a wonderful opportunity to pool our small contribution with like-minded people and be a part of a much bigger and more influential conservation effort than we could ever achieve alone,” Peter and Jo Voller, Twin Gums Fund.

Leaving a gift to the TLC in your will is one of the most powerful ways to help protect Tasmania’s beautiful natural places, forever. Find out how you can give a lasting gift to nature by making a bequest.

Banner image: Reserves Manager Denna Kingdom at the Vale of Belvoir. Photo: Matthew Newton