Flat Rock Reserve

Protected 2006


Flat Rock reserve lies in the Southern Midlands of Tasmania, an internationally recognised biodiversity hotspot. It is part of a range of rocky dolerite hills, supporting remnant areas of silver peppermint forest and grassy blue gum forest – both priority communities for conservation.

The 455 ha Flat Rock Reserve, links the historic Chauncy Vale Wildlife Sanctuary with the Alpha Pinnacle Conservation Area, creating a continuous protected area of over 1500 ha.


Flat Rock Reserve is managed under a joint management plan with Chauncy Vale. The management of Flat Rock Reserve has focused on removing rubbish and weeds, which were introduced under previous ownership. With most of the rubbish and weeds now removed, management is shifting focus to maintaining and improving the network of walking tracks to provide visitors with an opportunity to enjoy this diverse environment. Ongoing control of weeds such as broom and thistle will be conducted on an annual basis in conjunction with the Chauncy Vale Wildlife Sanctuary. Monitoring will inform other management activities as required to maintain or enhance the natural values.

The reserves are managed jointly by Southern Midlands Council, Parks and Wildlife Service Tasmania, Friends of Chauncy Vale and TLC.


Logging company Gunns Limited formerly owned this land, and parts of it were logged until the mid 1980s. These sections are now regenerating well and providing useful wildlife habitat.

The Southern Midlands Council and the local community group Friends of Chauncy Vale worked with Gunns Limited for many years to bring about this purchase.

Prior to the TLC’s involvement, Gunns Limited offered the Southern Midlands Council a one third discount on the land to make the community purchase achievable. The TLC finalised the arrangements by accessing funds from a number of sources including:

  • major funding from the Commonwealth Government’s National Reserve System Program
  • major funding from the Tasmanian Private Forest Reserve Program, (through the Natural Heritage Trust)
  • Gunns Limited
  • funds from our loyal regular TLC donors.


The Chauncy Vale Wildlife Sanctuary was set up by Nan and Anton Chauncy in 1946 and adjoins the TLC’s Flat Rock Reserve. We have developed a series of sound files that you can download and listen to as you track through the bush on Chauncy Vale, or just listen to whenever you choose. These include an introduction, the Winter Walk, the Homestead story including Day Dawn cottage as it was called, stories about several of the caves, Jack’s Flat, Guvvy’s Lagoon, the Lookout, and Eve’s Bath.

Click on each of the files to download them. You will then be able to load them onto your portable MP3 player and listen to them as you follow the tracks around the Chauncy Vale Wildlife Sanctuary.

Download the map and take it with you to help identify the right spot to listen to the appropriate story.


Click on the image below to step into Flat Rock Reserve and explore nature from every angle.

Banner photograph: Matthew Newton