Silver Peppermint Reserve

Protected 2005


The majority of the 43 hectare property comprises beautiful dry inland Silver peppermint (Eucalyptus tenuiramis) forest. The streaky grey bark and the silver-grey foliage of the reserve has a delicate beauty. The dry, sparse and rocky understorey is in good condition, although it has been impacted by two unplanned, intense fires over the past five years.

As well as its aesthetic quality, Silver peppermint forest is an important type of forest to conserve. Across Tasmania, it has been extensively cleared for firewood and to create grazing land, hence there is very little of its original extent reserved in protected areas.


This small reserve is generally open to public access, and issues associated with this include unauthorised firewood gathering and increased fire threat. Fences have been constructed to deter firewood gathering and will be maintained as required. The property has several weed species that require ongoing management. Monitoring will inform other management issues if they arise. Due to the number of bushfires in the reserve in the past 10 years, fire will be excluded where possible to allow time for the vegetation to re-establish.

Banner photograph: Matthew Newton