The Big Punchbowl Reserve

Protected 2015


The Big Punchbowl Reserve is next to the Moulting Lagoon Ramsar site. Ramsar sites are wetlands of international importance. This whole area provides refuge and shelter for a multitude of shorebirds and waterirds who come to the wetlands, coast and waterways to breed and feed.

There are two magnificent white-bellied sea eagle nests concealed in the reserve’s coastal bays. But this isn’t just a home for birds: The Big Punchbowl Reserve also has a resident population of nationally endangered Tasmanian devils.

There are also threatened plants here. You’ll find native broom (Viminaria juncea), brooklime (Gratiola pubescens) and the rare endemic Tasmanian velvetbush (Lasiopetalum micranthum) scattered on the woodland floor.


We take seriously our commitment to conserve nature on our reserves in perpetuity. That means we’re dedicated to researching and managing the status of the threatened species we protect.

On The Big Punchbowl Reserve we are looking after nature by:

  • controlling and eradicating the invasive weed, gorse
  • making sure visitors keep away from eagles during their breeding season
  • keeping roads and tracks in good condition so we can visit to weed and monitor wildlife, and so visitors know where to go and where not to go
  • controlling vehicle and foot traffic to minimise the spread of Phytopthora cinnamomi, an invasive fungus
  • monitoring and managing feral animals
  • managing fire by implementing an appropriate fire regime
  • maintaining fences and gates to keep out stray stock.


During the spring and summer months of 2016-17, nine poets and nine painters immersed themselves at the Big Punchbowl Reserve as part of a long-standing Poets & Painters art initiative. In pairs, they witnessed nature then collaboratively crafted work. The results show the reserve interpreted through a new and original lens.

Their work culminated in July 2017 with a highly successful art exhibition and book launch, with the publication also celebrated at the Melbourne Writers Festival and Tasmanian Writers Festival.

Poets and Painters would not have been possible without the support of the Purves Environment Fund, the Purrybury Trust, Freycinet Experience, Devil’s Corner, Sophie Underwood and Matt Dell.

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Banner image: Rob Blakers