Dan Sprod Fluvial Fund

The Dan Sprod Fluvial Fund was established in 2021 by Dan's son Daniel to support management of waterways on TLC properties.

To give to the TLC Foundation through the Dan Sprod Fluvial Fund, please click here. To select the Dan Sprod Fluvial Fund, please click the drop down arrow beside the TLC Foundation in the ‘Transaction Details’. Your support enables the TLC to continue protecting and managing nature in Tasmania.

This fund is set up for my Dad – Dan Sprod.

Dan supported TLC and introduced me to them with the campaign to buy Recherche Bay to save it from logging.

He was a closet greenie, with a “Save the Franklin” poster pasted on his study door.

His true calling, however, was a bookman. There was nothing he loved better than buying, selling, appraising, writing books. Given enough distraction, he’d eat them!

“Book Eating” by George Napier Sprod

But he believed in the future of our planet.

He thought that we ought look after the animals and habitats that make up our world. And he was willing to pay good money to see this happen.

Dan Sprod Fluvial Fund is named such because the dynamics of water in the environment fascinates me.

I’d love other people to invest with me in working out how to better manage our swamps, creeks, rivers and floodplains.

Join with me, my Dad and many others in supporting Tasmanian Land Conservancy in making Tasmania (at least) a shelter for nature in this storm of humanity.

Daniel Sprod

Banner image: Skullbone Plains Reserve by Daniel Sprod