Peter Lemon Fund

A life-long resident of mainland Australia, I discovered the joys (and challenges) of bushwalking in Tasmania in the late 1970s.

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The glorious wild terrain and wonderful landscapes became embedded in my psyche and there were quite a number of return journeys over the ensuing three decades to different locations, before my knees started to become argumentative.

The overwhelming impression I gained that here were vistas and panoramas and ecosystems which had to be protected and preserved for ever. Whilst most of my walking was in National Parks, I also became aware that there were many other areas outside of such Parks which warranted protection and which were an integral part of the larger whole.

I don’t really recall how I first became aware of the fledgling Tasmanian Land Conservancy quite some years ago, but its stated aims and then ways of operating struck an immediate chord and I have supported them piecemeal ever since.

But now the time has come to put something more permanent into place…and this is it.

Banner image: Five Rivers Reserve. Credit: Grant Dixon