Peter Riedel Fund

The Peter Riedel Foundation Fund was established in 2016 by siblings Richard, Jane and Penny to honour their late brother.

To give to the TLC Foundation through the Peter Riedel Fund, please call the TLC office on 03 6225 1399. Your support enables the TLC to continue protecting and managing nature in Tasmania.

Peter grew up in Tasmania and he had a soft-spot for the Tasmanian bush, rugged coastlines and national parks. He worked and lived much of his life in mainland Australia, but often returned to his childhood home to visit family and spend time camping, bushwalking and riding the remote roads of the national parks of Tasmania.

Peter was passionate about protecting the environment, working with on climate change issues and working to persuade the argument against coal mining and coal seam gas. The Australian bush was one of Peter’s favourite places to be at peace with himself and over the years he realised the value and need to protect, conserve and repair native flora and fauna.

Now that this in-perpetuity fund has been established, it is the hope that other friends and family may wish to contribute to Peter’s Fund and help the TLC undertake their important activities to protect important areas of Tasmania.

Contributing supporters: Richard, Jane and Penny, Wendy McPhee, Garfield Guinan, Richard Gray