Tom Hay Fund

The Tom Hay Fund honours a beautiful, vibrant young man with a zest for life and deep respect for nature.

To give to the TLC Foundation through the Tom Hay Fund, please click here. To select the Tom Hay Bequest Fund, please click the drop down arrow beside the TLC Foundation in the ‘Transaction Details’. Your support enables the TLC to continue protecting and managing nature in Tasmania.

Tom Hay was a brilliant young economist in the then-Department of Economic Development at the time of his death in 2007 at the age of 27. A lively young ‘man about town’, he had been a deejay, bridge player, debating champion, football umpire, and rock-climber, and he was a leading light in the Australian Evaluation Society.

Tom had the world at his feet, admired and loved by his workmates, and set to commence a Ph.D. in the Innovations Unit at the University of Tasmania. He will be remembered by many as a beautiful and insightful young man with a passion for the natural environment and social justice. His interest in the TLC was energized by the campaign to purchase Recherche Bay, thereby preserving it as a natural landscape in perpetuity, and in his will he bequeathed the bulk of his estate to the TLC – a most humbling and moving gesture.

Tom’s father, Pete, observed, “Tom was deeply committed to his island and its natural values and left his estate to the TLC to help sustain the TLC perpetually”.

The TLC Tom Hay Reserve on Bruny Island is yet another lasting tribute to Tom’s reverence for nature.

Banner image: Rainbow over Recherche Bay. Photo: Phill Roach