TLC to present at senate inquiry into Australia’s faunal species crisis

The TLC will present at a senate inquiry hearing into Australia’s faunal extinction crisis, to be held in Hobart on Tuesday 5 February.

The inquiry will examine issues including the country’s alarming rate of species decline, the adequacy of Commonwealth laws that are supposed to protect threatened wildlife, and the effectiveness of funding for threatened species.

TLC CEO James Hattam, and TLC Head of Science, Dr Sally Bryant, will emphasise the imperative of protecting habitat on private land and highlight how committed landholders are reducing invasive species.

Dr Sally Bryant said the TLC is acutely aware of Australia’s faunal extinction crisis, including Tasmania’s parlous record of 6 endemic fauna species extinct to-date.

“The TLC stands alongside over 800 landholders in Tasmania who protect over 100,000 hectares as part of the national reserve system and who are wholly committed to stemming this fauna extinction crisis,” she said.

A plethora of scientific literature spanning decades has identified the cause, cost and actions needed to remedy threatened fauna decline.
In the overwhelming majority of cases vegetation loss and degradation are the primary cause of extinction risk with feral pests, disease, climate change, etc. the secondary drivers of fauna decline.

The TLC’s reserves have:
– 15 Nationally Threatened fauna species;
– 12 Nationally Threatened fauna species listed on international agreements; and
– 6 State Threatened fauna species that qualify for federal listing.

Australia’s faunal extinction crisis public hearings will occur in Hobart on Monday February 4 & Tuesday February 5 at the Marina Room, Hobart Function and Conference Centre, 1 Elizabeth Street Pier, Hobart.

The TLC will present on Tuesday February 5 at 10.40am

For a full program list and more information, visit this link.

Banner image: Andrew Browne.