There’s no denying that Pine Tier, in Tasmania's Central Highlands is a special place. In this newsletter you'll find out about our campaign to permanently protect Pine Tier, TLC's Revolving Fund, our conservation prioritisation tool and much more.
Our team has been hard at work with annual weeding programs in full operation including many of our newest reserves, as well as the delivery of our long-term ecological monitoring program across the reserve estate. A recent highlight was the locals day at Sloping Main, or as many of them reminded us ‘Slopen Main’…  We are also excited to launch the next phase of the Gardens for Wildlife Program in Tasmania, which has transitioned to TLC from the Tasmanian State Government. Plus read inspiring updates from our partnerships with landholders working to conserve some of our rarest species.  
This season's newsletter introduces Sloping Main, a beautiful property on the Tasman Peninsula that's rich in threatened vegetation and the focus of our new fundraising campaign. You'll also get an update on the Land for Wildlife program and news from our project to protect cider gums at Five Rivers Reserve.
The TLC spring newsletter includes a celebration of and reminiscence from the TLC's first 20 years (happy birthday to us!), information about measuring carbon on our properties, and an update on our campaign to protect a species-rich, biologically diverse and iconic property on the east coast at Kelvedon Hills.
Read the latest edition of our newsletter to find out about Tinderbox Hills, a conservation gem south of Hobart that the TLC is working to protect; (virtually) visit the Tall Trees Reserve; and see how one of our science team discovered a new Tasmanian plant species.
From the Cradle Valley to King Island, our latest newsletter is full of heart-warming stories of conservation to help take the chill off during the winter months ahead. We also take you to Tasmania's east coast, where we are so close to securing 150 hectares of important habitat at Little Swanport!