In this edition, find out how we're hoping - with your help! - to establish the largest contiguous area of privately protected land in Tasmania. Plus, a wrap of our first conservation science symposium.
In this edition, meet a new reserve that's an old friend, find out how your will can make a lasting difference for conservation in Tasmania and cast a new eye on nature with the TLC's photography residency.
In this edition, find out how conservation science turns a property into a reserve, read about a keen cyclist who's been raising funds for the TLC, learn why we weed, and hear from our science intern, who's been investigating the regeneration of blue gum woodlands.
Read this season's newsletter to find out how you can help us do more to support nature across our estate. We've also pulled together tips on looking after wildlife on your own property during the warmer months, and you'll read a rundown of how rain has affected TLC reserves. And we have a great list of events coming up over the next couple of months.
This season's newsletter includes highlights from our Discovery Day supporter trip to Egg Islands Reserve and an in-depth look at restoration work at Long Point Reserve, introduces you to some new staff members and announces the re-launch of WildTracker.
The TLC autumn newsletter introduces three properties we've newly protected, delves into a restoration project we're running at Little Swanport Reserve, and says farewell to one of the TLC's longest-standing employees.
The TLC summer newsletter brings great news on the campaign to protect Kelvedon Hills, takes you to Daisy Dell Reserve with our Natural Guardians, and introduces you to some of the new faces around the TLC.
The TLC winter newsletter announces our new campaign to protect a species-rich, biologically diverse and iconic property on the east coast at Kelvedon Hills. You'll also hear more about burning to protect orchids, saving the giant freshwater crayfish, and our recent Discovery Day at Prosser River Reserve.
The TLC autumn newsletter announces our newest reserve - Tinderbox Hills - and includes your invitation to celebrate its protection. You'll also hear more about our project tracking quolls in the highlands, and find out why Head of Science Alex Kutt loves nature.
The TLC summer newsletter celebrates Tasmania's forward-thinking conservation landholders, introduces us to the little lives of Tinderbox Hills and tags along on a Natural Guardians trip to our newest reserve, on the east coast.