The Midlands Conservation Fund is a Banksia award-winning and innovative collaboration between farmers and conservationists trying to protect one of the most threatened ecosystems in the world - temperate grasslands and grassy woodlands. This video shows how successful this scheme is and just how much it needs your support.
The Five Rivers Reserve is a spectacular landscape hosting grassland valleys, old-growth forests, woodlands, native grasslands, cushion plants, endangered sphagnum moss beds and five natural river systems. A habitat for endangered wildlife, including the Tasmanian devil and Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagle and endemic species, such as the Clarence galaxias fish, not found in any other region on Earth
A small video that we showed at our Celebrating Gordonvale event to commemorate the Tasmanian Land Conservancy successfully raising enough to secure the property and protect it forever.
Beautiful Recherche Bay, in south-west Tasmania, came to prominence only recently, but its significance for Australians goes back more than two centuries. To document both the significance of this special place and mark its acquisition for conservation by the TLC we interviewed specialists to take us on the historic journey of Recherche Bay’s past.
We had the pleasure of a visit from Roger Nutting, President of the Tasmanian Mountain Huts Preservation Society, the other week who told us some great stories about Gordonvale. Roger has been researching Gordonvale and the man who lived there, Ernie Bond, in his spare time for the last 27 years. In this clip he shares some stories about this special place.
Just before the 2012 Christmas holiday kicked in the Tasmanian Land Conservancy's (TLC) first ever TVC went live on SBS. This ad wouldn't have been possible without the generous donation of time and talent from Mark Ringer and Andrew Charles, who guided the creative concept development, Red Jelly Hobart for production development at cost and the SBS Foundation for awarding TLC advertising time.
The eagle was filmed in June 2012 soaring above a grazing property at St Johnstone – on the banks of the Macquarie River, north-east of Campbell Town.
In 2010, the Tasmanian Land Conservancy (TLC) secured what was then the biggest private conservation deal in Australian history.
In Newsletter 45 we look at The Big Punchbowl and celebrate how close we are to protecting this amazing place forever, we look at the summer of science and the fire management and other work taking place on the reserves.