The TLC Foundation ensures the irreplaceable ecosystems found on our reserves are maintained through a permanent, reliable source of income.

As custodians of land, we are responsible for protecting the biodiversity values of some of the most significant sites in Tasmania.

Establishing a Foundation Fund is a powerful way to help us ensure a future for Tasmania’s magnificent plants and animals, many of which are threatened and endangered. We welcome gifts from individuals, corporations, foundations, trusts and Private Ancillary Funds.

Your Foundation Fund will provide an endowment for perpetual funding, with annual interest generated by your gift directly supporting the management of our reserves. It can be an opportunity to honour someone special or to support a particular conservation project.

Contributions can include gifts (money, shares, artworks, land), gifts made on behalf of or in memory of another person and bequests. We also welcome contributions to existing TLC Foundation funds.

Current Progress

Thanks to people like you, we are making sure that protected natural places in Tasmania will be appreciated and enjoyed by future generations.

We aim to raise a further $3 million to reach our goal of covering the cost of conservation management of all TLC reserves. Every donation to the TLC Foundation brings us closer to achieving that goal. The interest earned on this capital will cover the cost of conservation management of all TLC reserves, including reserve management work, resourcing costs of the science and conservation planning team and conservation management costs. Every donation to the TLC Foundation brings us closer to that goal.

”We support The TLC because it is a way of giving something enduring and worthwhile back to the Tasmanian community, secure in the knowledge that these special ecosystems will be protected long-term. It is a delight and a joy to be able to combine resources with a large variety of like-minded people to preserve areas of Tasmania in a way that would be impossible acting alone. The quality of the organisation and the breadth of experience of the staff reassure us that these efforts will continue.” Damian Hope and Kate Johnstone

Entrusting your gift

Good governance is vitally important to the TLC and our supporters. Administration of the Foundation is overseen by a subcommittee of the TLC Board. Current committee members are: Jennie Churchill (Chair), Susan Gough, Sam McCullough, Roderic O’Connor (independent) and Stephen Atkinson (independent).

The TLC Foundation invests using an ethical screen with JBWere. Gifts are honoured and preserved to generate as much interest income as possible with the lowest possible risk.

Once a gift has been made to the TLC Foundation, we stay in touch with you and let you know of the difference your gift makes to our critical conservation work. We sincerely thank all our generous Foundation supporters.

*Banner photography: Sunrise over Moulting Lagoon - Long Point Reserve. Heath Holden