The Field of Dreams

Mark Clemens is a photographer, published writer, award winner and generous supporter of the TLC. So, the TLC would like to support Mark in return.

Mark’s exquisite book The Mountain, winner of the Grand Diemen Award for Print 2015 with Peregrine Publishing, was a glorious contemporary observation of iconic Mt Wellington, paying homage to Peter Dombrovskis and seminal Tasmanian photography. Mark donated a portion of the profits from the sale of The Mountain to the TLC to support our conservation work.

Mark has just completed his next publication The Field of Dreams which, quite incredibly, is the first book written about Mt Field, Tasmania’s oldest National Park. The writing and design of the book is completed, so Mark is now crowd fundraising for the final production costs.

Mark’s working life has been spent in the social welfare environment: providing care to the sick and dying; torture/trauma counselling for refugees; support to victims of violent crime; suicide prevention training and suicide post-vention support. Nature has been a tonic to the demands of taking on the tough jobs and his books are Mark’s creative expression of his love for nature.

However, this will quite likely be Mark’s last publication as Mark was recently diagnosed with motor-neuron disease. To finish the book Mark needs all our help.

You can contribute to The Field of Dreams crowd appeal by visiting his Chuffed campaign page.

Let’s help get this beautiful book to the printers and onto book shelves around Australia.