The Big Punchbowl Extension

The remarkable generosity of a select handful of individuals and innovators has enabled the Tasmanian Land Conservancy (TLC) to extend The Big Punchbowl Reserve!

Donations from the International Living Future Institute, an anonymous donor, the David and Jennie Sutherland Foundation, and Joan Masterman have allowed the TLC to purchase 75 hectares of land to add to the existing Big Punchbowl Reserve, meaning over 300 hectares of this iconic landscape is now protected in perpetuity.

Located on the Freycinet Peninsula and dominated by a freshwater wetland adjacent to the internationally significant Moulting Lagoon Ramsar site, The Big Punchbowl was first protected by the TLC following a successful public
fundraising campaign in 2015.

The reserve features a complex mosaic of wetlands, heath and woodlands, which support habitat for threatened species, including the globally threatened Australasian bittern and green and gold bell frog. Collectively the area provides refuge and shelter for a multitude of shorebirds and waterfowl that use the wetlands, coast and waterways for breeding and feeding. The property has a resident population of nationally endangered Tasmanian devils, and conceals two magnificent white-bellied sea eagle nests in its coastal bays.

During the reserve’s initial acquisition an additional private property directly adjoining the wetland was highlighted as a significant area for protection to ensure the ecosystems overall values were maintained. Yet the landholder hadn’t been in a position to sell the property, until now.

We can’t thank those who donated to The Big Punchbowl extension enough for ensuring that this critical landscape remains protected for generations to come.